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The Bible in a telephone, smartphone, communicator (MDA), Apple iPhone or in a PDA

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I have been receiving many requests recently that concern the possibility to have a biblical text any time on you – the best alternative being a pocket electronic equipment with a simple searching. Here, I offer my experience over the recent years.

At present there are several programs that enable us to have the Bible always on us. The first important piece of information we must find out is the type of the operational system used in our electronic device. The cheapest mobile phones usually do not have such operational system that would enable their users to install programmes.

In our environment, we can meet system Symbian in version S60 (for example phones NOKIA - N series) or S80 (NOKIA Communicator), Windows Mobile (for example various MDA - Vario, HTC, Qtek, E-Ten) or with system Palm OS (e.g. Palm Treo).

It is necessary to keep in mind that there will always be the need to get suitable programme for our operational system and then the required translation of the Bible (or even the original). Both parts must „understand“ each other. We might have several versions of the biblical text recorded (best possible on the memory card) and switch between them freely. Most of the software is available free or for a little fee.

There is an easy situation for the owners of the devices with the system Palm OS. For this platform, there is an excellent programme PalmBible+. There is also possibility to download Czech ecumenical translation of the Bible, Czech translation KMS, translation into English, French, Russian, Latin and many other languages. Another possibility is to use the programme for study and save into it Hebrew or Greek Bible original.

For the equipment with the operational system Windows Mobile (MDA) there is a very nice called programme Pocket e-Sword. Into this, it is possible to record Bibles in English, French, Russian, German, Polish, Italian, Latin or even the New Testament in Greek. In Czech, there is only the Bible of Kralice.

The users of the telephones with operational system Symbian or Apple iPhone can use the project called OliveTree BibleReader. This is an interesting programme that might be used also by owners of other systems (even the cheepest telephones with JAVA technology). The disadvantage is the lack of the Bible translation into Czech and smaller range of useful functions in certain cases. It is, however, a very dynamic project.

There is possibility to use SymbianBible for Symbian phones.

There is also a certain alternative solution for those who opt for ecumenical Bible translation. This solution is, however, not so comfortable for the work as the above mentioned specialized programmes. We can use the universal programme for reading electronic books MobiPocket Reader. There is a version both for Windows Mobile and Symbian or Palm OS. It is also necessary to get the needed Biblical text – for example at the pages www.PalmKnihy.cz. There are available Old and New Testaments in the ecumenical translation. For the right funcionality, it is necessary to download the version best in "Mob Unicode" format. This way enables the basic work with the Biblical text as well as searching according to individual books and chapters.

In mobile telephones without operation system (supporting JAVA platform) proved useful the programme BiblePhone.net.

Wishing you blessed and refreshing times over the Biblical text – in any form.

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